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We have a team with decades of software design and development experience. We have built numerous software products addressing complex business and scientific challenges. We provide end to end software development services, however if you need help in one specific area we are happy to provide assistance.

Concept Generation

Do you have the beginning of a great idea? We can help take you from idea to a product concept which we can assist you in validating with real users, so you know you're building the right product.

Design and Prototyping

We can assist you in the design of your application, user interface or deployment architecture. Our expertise enables you to build your software product in a swift and cost effective manner.

Full Stack Development

Our team provides full design, development, testing and deployment services. We also offer transition services in case you would like to move development and/or maintenance in-house at any point along the way.


We do have a preferred set of tools we've found work best in most cases but every product is different.
So we always start with a technology assessment to see what the most efficient and best tool is for the job.

React / JavaScript

When it comes to front-end web applications, ReactJS and Redux are our preferred tools for the job. Using these technologies enables us to build scalable front-ends for the most high-demand user interfaces.

Ruby on Rails

Taking an idea from conception to implementation isn't easy. We still find Ruby on Rails is the best in class framework for rapidly building APIs and backend services in the cloud.

Elixir & Phoenix

If you need scale and performance at the next level, this is where Elixir and the Phoenix Framework shine. Elixir is particularly useful in microservice based systems.

C# / Xamarin

When it comes to building mobile application we have been pleasantly surprised with Xamarin's powerful toolset. Building cross platform apps has never been easier. For desktop apps, we have been using WPF and C# since their first release.

Docker / Kubernetes

Docker has become an essential part of our development and deployment process. All our development projects are dockerized and this enables seamless deployment to Kubernetes.

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