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We’re looking for talented people

We are a remote first team who looks for members who are result focused and want to work on interesting projects.
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Software Development
Our Interview Process

What is our interview process?

Apply via email

Applying is simple. We don't need some complex form filled out.  Just send us an email with your resume and why you think you're a good fit.

Zoom interview

This is a 1 hour call where we'll ask you about your previous experience and what you're looking for followed by a technical question. The technical question is designed to take 30 mins and is done online so be ready to share your screen.

Coding challenge

At this stage, you will receive a coding challenge where we will ask you to build an intentionally simple application.  Here we will be looking at your coding style and how thorough you are in your coding. The challenge is done offline (ie. not on a live Zoom call) and will be provided via email.  It's designed to take no more than 2 hours to solve.  

Offer letter

You've made it!  We will give you a call and describe the offer and follow up with the formal offer.
How to impress us

What we look for in all candidates?

Thoughtful Coding

You take pride in writing clean well thoughtout code that has attention to detail. You strive to make code as simple as possible while still fulfilling all of the requirements.

Technical skills

Languages can be learned and technologies can be taught but we need to see you are a wizard when using a computer and that any technology is no match for you in general.


You need to be able to communicate complex problems and solutions clearly and precisely both in audio and text. You are a proactive communicator and do not default to saying nothing.


You are available promptly to help out, jump on a call during our core overlapping work hours window (9am to 3pm PT).


No one likes meetings but they can be useful. They are pointless when they are poorly run or when participants are not engaged in the subject. We look for everyone to add their experience and knowledge to the conversation when we meet up.

Best idea wins

We frequently have deep technical conversations about how to solve challenging problems elegantly. This demands everyone put forward their best ideas and open to and willing to provide criticism of these ideas as we iterate to find the best answer.