We specialize in the creation of new SaaS products for our clients

— We offer a range of services depending on your development needs.  Everything from No Code for quick to market products to get early customer feedback to full code solutions for complex growing products.  Also, when the time comes and you want to move into your own internal team, we’re there to support you in that transition.
Tech Stack

Technologies we know and love

We believe in using the right tool for the job and as a result we have experience covering a wide range of technologies that we have gathered over the years of serving our clients.
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Transform Ideas into Reality with No Code

No Code Minimum Viable Product

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, the power to convert ideas into tangible products is paramount. Our No Code Development services enable us to transform your concepts into workable solutions – quickly, affordably, and effectively.

When to Use No Code?

No Code is a powerful tool, but knowing when to use it is critical. There's a delicate balance, and we're here to guide you. Our expertise in No Code development ensures you get the most out of this innovative approach.

Validate Your Idea Fast

With our No Code development services, we help you get your initial idea out into the market quickly. You get immediate customer feedback, allowing you to shape your product's future direction based on real user insights instead of mere assumptions.

Why Choose No Code?

Customers need to use your product to see its true value. That's why you need a fast and affordable way to assess if your identified pain point truly resonates with your target audience and if they're willing to pay for your solution.

No Code Prototype

Best for internal tools or your initial product to help gather customer feedback
Discovery meeting
Bubble or Retool
2 week delivery time
Full walk-through on completion
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Love Code? Then Full Code it is!

For Complex Challenges, Choose Full Code

No Code and Low Code solutions offer great value, but some products demand the robustness, flexibility, and precision that only a Full Code solution can provide. Sometimes, Full Code is simply the most efficient and effective way to build your digital product. That's where our Full Code Development services come in.

Why Full Code?

If you're a founder with a technical background, you likely appreciate the flexibility and control that Full Code offers. It opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to adapt and evolve your product based on real-time customer feedback. You're not constrained by the limits of existing tools; instead, you have the freedom to create precisely what your customers need.

Expertise Across Technologies

We are a Full Code shop first and foremost, skilled in a wide array of technologies. Whether you need a complex web application, data analytics pipeline, or a highly interactive user interface, we have the expertise to make it happen.

Clean Code You Can Continue With

Many consultancies and contracts provide varying levels of quality in the code they produce.  We have standard linting and styles with our code and constantly focus on making our code clean, simple and maintainable.

Full Code

For technical founders and founders who have complex ideas.
Discovery meeting
Scrum project management
2 week sprints
UI/UX design
Full source code
Software architecture
Continuous Integration and Delivery
1 dedicated developer
Deployment and devops automation
Quality assurance and testing
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Team Building and Transitioning Services

Cultivating Your Own Team

Success often brings growth, and with growth comes the need for self-reliance. At Cultivated Code, we don't just understand this transition – we facilitate it. We're committed to empowering you to smoothly transition to in-house operations, ensuring your venture's continued success.

Procedures & Processes

Transitioning to an in-house team requires more than just hiring people; it involves creating a system for them to thrive in. We'll provide our guide book on how to run sprints and manage your day to day operations.

Transition to Your Team

We will support each of your team members as we do knowledge transfer of each subsystem to your internal team ensuring a smooth and frictionless transition.

Hire a Team for You

We can also assist you in recruiting a team that fits your culture, shares your values, and has the necessary skillsets to drive your product forward.

Team Builder

When you want to transition to an internal team
Scrum handbook
Automation guide
Knowledge transfer
Architecture documentation
Interviewing and candidate selection
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Frequently Asked Questions

Clear transparent pricing

When planning to succeed you need to know what the costs are.  Generally studios don’t publish their pricing but we do so you can plan.
Is there a free consultation available?
Yes, we love talking to people.  If you would like to discuss our services or are looking for general advice about how to proceed with your product we are always available to chat free of charge.
Do I retain ownership of the code produced?
Of course, our contract gives you full ownership of the code we write for you. We do use many off the shelf components that we are not able to assign you ownership to but we are careful to make sure everything we incorporate has free to use commercial license agreements.
What scope can be included in the No Code prototype?
With our No Code prototypes, we've set a fixed cost because we've noticed that most No Code products have similar scope requirements. We'll team up with you to identify the perfect minimum viable product that aligns with your vision for customers. And don't worry, if the scope goes beyond what No Code can handle, we'll let you know right away, so you won't spend a dime on the wrong solution. We're here to make your journey as smooth as possible!
What is the typical length of a Full Code project?
Projects obviously vary depending on the scope and complexity of your product but in general we are often able to build a minimum viable product in 2-3 months.
How does the pricing work for transitioning?
It's $10k for each team member we are transitioning our work too.  This includes recruitment of the team member (excludes marketing of positions) and then the knowledge transfer of the system to each member so they can hit the ground running. If you don't require recruitment and already have your team in place then it is often less than $5k per member depending on their level of expertise.