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Web and Mobile Applications

With two decades of web and mobile app development experience, we know how to build applications and iterating them quickly to find product market fit. We build custom solutions typically utilizing Ruby on Rails and ReactJS for web applications and Xamarin for cross platform native mobile applications.

Massspecgraph annotations

Data Analytics

This exciting area is filled with opportunities and we have the skills to assist in building your new idea or augment your existing product. We build custom data pipelines to help you gain the insights into your data that drive decisions.

Biotechnology, Health, Science and Finance

Whether you have a new idea or want to extend an existing one we can help.

Charge Capture

We designed and developed a web application for helping physicians record charges at point of care. The charge capture application also includes a secure messaging system enabling doctors to commuincation with billing staff regarding charges.

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Case Studies

Mass Spec Graph

Mass Spec Graph is a custom WPF graph control we specifically built for handling mass spectrometry data. The graph control is written at a low level within WPF to maximize performance. The API is exposed both in XAML and programmatically to provide developers with options in how they choose to integrate the control into their software product.

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When you only have the beginning of an idea we can help you to iterate quickly to build a full product concept. We can even assist you in testing this product concept in the market prior to beginning design and development. This product validation step helps so you don't waste valuable time working on the wrong idea.


Cultivated Code can help you with the conceptualization of your software product. We like to start where software products end, the user interface. We can help you grow an initial idea for a product into a minimum viable product and setup systems for capturing customer feedback right from the start.


We develop features in short cycles which forces focus on producing results fast. Every time a new feature is added we give you immediate access to it via our demonstration server. Finally, we've built apps enough times to know there will always be changes that need to be made, so instead of panicking we encourage and plan for this.