We build web and mobile apps


Our Work



    We built LabBoard, a sample management solution for core facilities. LabBoard is a software as a service (SAAS) deployed product that provides core labs with fast set-up and an easy to use interface.

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    Loupe is the best way to preview your mobile design on your mobile device. The app features a live preview of your Photoshop working file, as well as Dropbox integration for sharing and reviewing mobile designs.

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    Mass Spec Graph

    A high performance and extensible WPF graph control for mass spectrometry data sets. The control features interactive zoom and plot selection, peak and ion series labelling, plot and axis annotations, image exports and multiple plot types.

    3D Gait Analysis

    3D Gait Analysis

    We developed a backend system for the Running Injury Clinic's sister site, 3D Gait Analysis. 3D Gait is an innovative health solution assisting in prevention and treatment of running and walking injuries.

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    Mass Spec Studio

    Mass Spec Studio

    We helped build Mass Spec Studio, a software framework designed to provide infrastructure for analysis of mass spectrometry data sets. The framework provides a pluggable architecture for rapid software development.


Our Principles


We pride ourselves in being experts at taking the complex and making it simple and intuitive.


We build systems that drive user engagement, so users will love using your app.


Systems and people never work in isolation and neither do our apps. Integration and collaboration are key.


We believe the best apps are developed iteratively with constant measurement of what works and what doesn't.


Our Solutions

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Web App Development

With 15 years of web app development experience, we know how to build apps that will amaze you. We build custom solutions from the ground up or extend existing internal and open source systems to meet your specific business needs.

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Mobile App Development

We can help you get mobile now and maximize the opportunities offered in this ever expanding space. Our team can build apps that will let you engage with your customers or help empower your work force to be equally productive on the go.

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Desktop App Development

We always like to use the best tool for the job and sometimes a desktop app is just that. With over 10 years of experience building desktop application, we've built everything from business apps to complex processing applications.


Our Process


Concept Phase

Cultivated Code can help you with the conceptualization of a software product. We like to start where the software products end, the user interface. We can help you grow an initial idea for a product into an innovative concept blueprinted through our unique design package. The Design Package includes a complete set of wireframes for your application, a branding style guide, and direction for how users will interact with application including suggestions around user workflows, animations, and transitions.


Production Phase

When starting a software project a common fear is whether the product you hope you're going to get, is what you actually get. Typical projects have long cycles where you don't see anything happening because the "work is in progress". Cultivated Code takes a different approach. We develop features in short cycles which forces focus on producing results fast. Every time a new feature is added we give you immediate access to it via our demonstration server. Finally, we've built apps enough times to know there will always be changes that need to be made, so instead of panicking we encourage and plan for this.